The journey

The journey

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Recently, a new friend of mine, the author of this blog, asked me to contribute to his psychedelic awareness project. My first instinct was “I’m in”, then jet lag crops up  and as you might very well know, lethargy is next in line. I began to recues myself, “damn, why did I promise him my submission in a fortnight?” I should have said, “sure, I’ll do it”, and casually forget, letting it slip from the collective consciousness.
But that’s not really possible for me anymore. Why?
PermaConsciousness. Through my checkered past, I have let drugs use me, vs. finding harmony in using them for a greater aim: AWAKENING. And I am even hesitating calling them drugs, when they are masters/teachers/healers/medicines of many ilk and strain. I suppose their new terminology come from my new awareness and reverence when ‘using’ them. 

How Good Was it?

The author of this blog, and many more like him are declaring a call to action, a time for all psychonauts to come out of the fear-machine and truly embody (in-body) the notion of becoming the engineers of our imperial, unlimited reality. Just as I type this, I am transported back to an intensive workshop led by Graham Hancock, and sponsored by The Evolver Network, where we talked about sovereignty of consciousness, the manifold & inner uncharted terrains, the shamans and self-explorers alike living the experiential reality, who often think twice about speaking it aloud…this is becoming a real tipping point for me.
As Eileen Workman suggests in her recent essay “And Beyond Here There Be Dragons…” viewable on Reality Sandwich [], “We allowed social condemnation and the illegality of our experiences to prevent us from telling our stories. As long as we allow fear to subdue our voices, the narrative our larger society keeps telling – which is that all drugs are bad and serve no purpose – isn’t likely to change”.
What Workman, and Hancock are really saying is: Live YOU Authentically, unapologetic for your unorthodox choices (that harm no one in the process), traverse the great, wide expanse of parts unknown, like a deep-sea diver, encountering the alien ghosts in a darkly mysterious marine world of your being. All of it is YOU. Every last minnow and molecule is part of the behemoth organism that is The Oneness of ALL. Which simply means that we are Everything and the Nothing at once, experiencing the miniscule and the massive while transmuting the universal intelligence through every cell.
Epic, and majestic no? Hellyeah.

How was the Trip?

Back to PermaConsciousness for a tick, when I stated that it’s not possible for me to casually forget anymore. To let things slip from my consciousness, I meant it. Sure, my memory is like Ram, and like any computer, when it gets filled up, I have to delete stuff, and certainly things can escape me – but the essence of intent leaves a permanent watermark, indelible, or invisible to the host (me), and the more conscious I become, the more aware I am of these ‘stains’, or rather, these ‘impressions’ of my words, my promises, and my capacity to create – to become a creatrix of the infinite potentiality matrix. Knowing that I am unbound by space and time that I am eternal, and I am divine. Not living up to your promises is like choosing to (re)wrap yourself in yet another layer of ignorance. It’s counter-productive, plain and simple.
There is a way to help shed years, if not lifetimes of ignorance…experience DMT, or get acquainted with mother Ayahuasca. Perhaps you might vaporize Changa, or candy-flip MDMA with a side of LSD. The old adage of ‘Pick Your Poison’ should now be re-written to ‘Mind Your Medicine’. This is because it takes a careful knowledge of dosage and self-informing to get comfortablewith psychonautic adventuring. I speak from over 15 years of experience. 
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